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拥有超过30年的经验, our teams of charter experts around the US are available 24/7 to organize your helicopter charter from start to finish, 确保一切都是根据您的独特需求量身定制的.


Helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not commonly found with fixed-wing aircraft. 从点对点的城市旅行到直接进入偏远地区, 直升机包机可以满足各种旅行需求.

当你需要飞行时: 就像我们的私人包机一样, your helicopter charter is organized around your schedule 和 unique preferences.

进入偏远或难以到达的地区: 直升机有能力在直升机停机坪降落, 酒店甚至是私人房产, making it possible to quickly reach remote areas or specific locations that would otherwise be inaccessible by private jet or even by car.

节省时间: 如果你需要在一天内到达多个地点, a helicopter is a point-to-point travel method that can pick you up 和 get you to your destination quickly.

多功能性: 无论你是在度假旅行, 有一个重要的商务会议, 或者在紧急情况下运送医疗用品, a helicopter charter can provide the quickest 和 most direct charter solution.



经验: 拥有超过30年的租船经验, we are specialists at arranging private helicopter charters for a wide range of clients 和 situations, 包括贵宾运输和紧急救援情况.

全球覆盖: Our international network of offices provides you with local knowledge on a global scale, meaning you’ll always be able to access a regional helicopter charter expert no matter where you want to fly to or from.

飞机选择: 拥有各种各样的直升机和操作员, 我们将始终根据您的要求采购合适的飞机.

个人客户经理: Your dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have.


Combining your helicopter flight with a private jet charter will allow you to travel vast distances in luxury 和 style. 当你着陆时, a helicopter charter from your arrival airport can ensure you l和 closer to your final destination, 无论是体育场还是码头.





The charter process begins with you being assigned a personal charter expert who will put together 和 send you a selection of available charter helicopters 和 quotes based on your requirements. 每一份报价都清楚地说明了包机的各个方面, 例如选定的飞机和出发和到达地点, 以及为什么他们会被选中. 一旦你决定了哪个选项适合你, your personal charter expert will book the helicopter flight 和 send you all the necessary flight information.

如果您在起飞前有任何疑问或要求, 您可以24小时联系您的客户经理, 一周七天.


Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a suitable range of helicopters based on your requirements 和 will assist you with making your final decision. 查看我们的 飞机指南 for more information on the helicopters that we can source for charter.


Helicopter charters provide an unrivaled level of flexibility in regard to take-off 和 l和ing locations since they require far less space than fixed-wing aircraft. 直升机可以从远程直升机停机坪到达和离开, 酒店, 游艇,甚至是私人房产, 让你更接近你想要的目的地. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration when arranging a take-off 和 l和ing location, 然而, our experts will discuss all of the necessary details with you when organizing your helicopter charter.


The amount of luggage you can take will depend on the size of the hold 和 the number of passengers flying. 根据经验,我们建议每人带一个10公斤的软边袋. This can be increased if, for example, you have a six-passenger helicopter with only one passenger. If a suggested helicopter doesn’t suit your luggage requirements, an alternative will be arranged.


The maximum number of people we recommend for a helicopter charter is typically nine. If you have more passengers than that, we’ll arrange for multiple helicopters to fly the same route. 查看我们的 飞机指南 欲知更多资料


直升机 are subject to weather but they aren’t just for sunny days. Their ability to operate in adverse weather depends on several factors, 包括情况的严重程度和飞机的类型. Our team will keep you informed of weather conditions in the days leading up to the flight 和 will work with you to rearrange if necessary.


Tell us your requirements 和 one of our charter experts will send you a quote.










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